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Good run leadership, mindset and coaching is very important to Trail-Run Explorers. I am happy to recommend the following coach to you. I am not paid for this recommendation.

Perry Stock

Running Adventures - Matt Buck

Matt Buck is a qualified running coach and he has been guiding people through challenge events for over 15 years, driven by a passion for anything involving the outdoors. As well as completing a number of ultra marathons and intense personal physical challenges, he has also led groups on treks and cycling events all around the world. He has written for, and been featured by, numerous magazines and websites such as Men's Running, Trail Running Magazine, UKRunChat and

"one of the UK's most influential ultra runners"

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I first heard about Bucky back in 2019 through Action Challenge just as I was about to run my first ultra, 'The London to Brighton 100k' 62 miles plus wrong turns totalling 65 miles, which I completed in 14.5 hours and then again at the LoveTrails Running festival in Gower where he was hosting some trail talks. I then started taking on some of the Running Adventures Ultra Guided Runs where I had the opportunity to ask loads of questions about running, ultras, trails, route planning, training, views on sustainability, inclusivity and anything else that you can fit into a 30 mile run. Bucky likes a chat and I have always found him willing to answer all my daft trail running questions. I also had the opportunity to speak with people he has coached and to witness first hand the improvements made not only to their fitness but to their mindset as well. Just to note that, I then ran the Phoenix Leviathon 50 miler in a little over 8hrs, coming in 2nd place.

I spent so much time attending the guided runs and with RA being a company that I really believed in, it was easy to accept when Matt offered me the opportunity to be a Running Ambassador for Running Adventures in June 2020. Matt has been a source of inspiration, he has supported my qualification as a Leader in Running Fitness with England Athletics and has offered so much advice in helping me get Trail-Run Explorers set up. On top of all this, in October 2021 Matt gave me the opportunity to take a fantastic group 'The London City Runners' out to Madeira and run in an absolutely beautiful place.

Because of all the above I have no hesitation in recommending Matt Buck as the coach for you in all your trail running escapades.

Perry Stock Founder of Trail-Run Explorers and Running Adventures Ambassador