What & Who is Trail-Run Explorers?


Trail-Run Explorers is all about getting people together outside to run, enjoy and explore the trails

T-REx is led by me, Perry Stock, a passionate trail runner who likes to run a little further. I am all about bringing the joys of trail running to as many people as possible.
I have run various trails and ultra marathon distances, some of which: include the London to Brighton 100k, The Leviathon 50 Miles, The Big Way Round 50K and multiple others.
Perry Stock
In 2022 I will be running a number of ultras and trail runs across the UK including the first Brighton Trail Marathon, the infamous Salomon Ring of Steall Sky Race, supporting the Running Adventures team and of course developing the Trail-Run Explorer Guided Runs.
Trail-Run Explorers is a 'place' where runners over the age of 16, who really enjoy or want to enjoy getting out on the trails to explore, can do so, without having to worry about where they are going or how safe they are on their own.
There are frequent free running sessions that will suit most people, including beginners, sessions that suit improvers and sessions that will work on specific trail running skills.
There are paid events including guided runs, trail workshops and I am planning some fun events where we will capture through the lens the fun you have whilst out on the trails.
Check out the Trail-Run Explorers Facebook site, the Instagram Feed, The Runtogether Event and also the Paid Events Sections of this website.

Trail-Run Explorers

Just in case you haven't heard!




And everyone else πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸŒ±
Trail-Run Explorers

Lewes Three Peaks #L3P

About 19 miles of Lewes today, we took in Mt Caburn, Firle Beacon and Kingston Ridge.  The views would have been spectacular if it hadn't been for those cloudy clouds β˜οΈπŸ˜…. However, the running conditions were great and the positivity of this group was fantastic.

I really enjoyed running with all of these guys today. 

I'm looking forward to running with some of these runners again soon.

New runs being planned, new dates to be released soon.

Check LetsDoThis or Findarace to join us next time.

48 today, Happy Birthday me πŸ˜…! A nice little lap around Bewl Water today, obviously didn't start my watch until the first mile went by, (standard forgetfulness).

A lot has happened in the last year, I have started Trail-Run Explorers @trailrunexplorers , had incredible support and help from some really great people.  @running_bucky @sweaty_steps  just to name a couple.

I have started to be a bit more consistent in my running, finally. 

What's next, there's the Brighton Trail Marathon @brightontrailweekend, The Peak District Trail Running weekend with @runningadv, there's @lovetrailsfestival end of June, (if you haven't already, then sign up and don't miss this), I am in the Salomon Ring of Steall in September @salomonrunning and running the Jurassic Coast 50k in Oct.  Another @runningadv trip to Portugal in November, (May be 1 or 2 spaces left if you're lucky).

Trail-Run Explorers is developing new runs in the Chilterns, I'll be putting more East Sussex runs on soon also and there is something exciting in the pipeline for Exmoor. Do not miss that.

It looks like another busy year ahead, lots of thing to look forward to and thankyou to everyone who has come on one of the T-REx runs and helped me build something lovely.

Trail-Run Explorers

A little detour on the way back from Cornwall today, went to have a drive by visual recce of Exmoor. 

What an absolutely beautiful place and the trails look awesome.

This is giving me ideas πŸ’‘

Who has run in Exmoor and what did you think of it there?

Comment or DM me! 

Lovely short run in Porthtowan this morning.  It is beautiful here.
Daughter dropped at netball, saw a hill thought I'd run up it. A little more elevation following the weekend running.
Some more @runningadv Brecon Beacons spam.
The perfect way to end a fantastic weekend of running in Wales.

Brecon Beacons with an amazing group of runners and then run number 2 of the day up Pen Y Fan.

Could it get any better?


Running Adventures
Brecon Beacons

Waterfalls, Campfires, Workshops and even a bit of trail running.

A weekend spent with lovely like minded runners, out enjoying the beautiful trails, eating great food and drinking just a little beer and wine.


Brecon Beacons

A weekend trail running camp with @running_bucky and a group of really lovely people.

Spending time running and playing on the trails.

Good for the soul!
Trail-Run Explorers

Devils Dyke 18 miles of ups and downs.

Well.... Summer weather gone for today we had a fair bit of rain.

But with a great group of #trailrunexplorers hitting Devils Dyke it just didn't matter one bit.  We had fun on the trails, talking, walking, running, slipping and just enjoying ourselves.

One of the best decisions in my life was to start T-REx, the people it brings together and the connections everyone has is fantastic.  Tip sharing, talk of races, talk of festivals @lovetrailsfestival talk of trail weekends @runningadv and just chat.

Thankyou everyone who comes to these events and makes them so enjoyable.  Tell your friends, tell everyone that T-REx welcomes everyone of all abilities. 

Keep an eye out, some new and exciting routes being planned in the very near future.

Trail-Run Explorers

Today's run was amazing, the people that turned up to run today were looking to build time on their feet and some elevation. We succeeded in meeting both those needs.

Kudos to the runner who came out whilst recovering from a nasty cold and even more kudos for taking the decision to end the run ever so slightly earlier than planned, very sensible and those shortcuts back to start are good to build into a run where possible.

Some were training for specific events including @brightontrailweekend

Always a mention for @runningadv and some interest in trail weekends.

Trail-Run Explorers

A small group of really fun and enthusiastic Trail runners came out today for a run round Cuckmere Haven and Beachy Head. 

A perfect day for running, not too hot, not too cold, as Goldilocks once said, it was just right.

We had hills to hike, downhills to run down, fields to run across and coastal paths to navigate through.  Of course, we stopped at Birling Gap to take in the views, have a coffee and I had a vegan ice cream before we attacked the ups and downs of the Seven Sisters on way back to Cuckmere Haven, where we dropped down off the cliff and ran across the pebbled beach.

What a great day,

Come and join us next time.

Next Week is Lewes 3 Peaks 18 miles and there are some spaces left.

@sweatysteps was missed from today's run 😭 πŸ˜‚
Not a running post.

A soppy cat loving post instead.

Devil's Dyke 18 Miles of Hills and Sun.

What an absolutely fantastic day out on the trails with a really great group of runners.

Devil's Dyke is of course a very hilly place to run, it's leg busting elevation points are legendary.  This was a social run, but one where everyone was looking to challenge themselves in some way.  How long can I go? How much can I take? How do I move up to ultras? How do I.......? So many conversations and questions, I don't have the answer to everything, but the sharing of tips between everyone today was lovely to see.  At one point I think I was a walking ad post for @running_bucky @runningadv for his runs, trails weekends and coaching skills.

The day was amazing, such positiveness from people who want to explore and test themselves.


I was supported really well today by @sweaty_steps 

Unfortunately, (for me not her). She also has a life and enters loads of races, therefore I am interested in hearing from competent runners that would like to come on these runs to enjoy the day and to support as a sweeper at the back of the group.  You do NOT need to be fast, you need to be able to run the distance and to chat with the other runners to support and motivate them. 

DM me if interested.
Cuckmere Haven
Trail-Run Explorers

There are still spaces on this run for May 1st 2022

It's a beautiful run, over half full already. 

Come out and run, hike, laugh and take pictures with Trail-Run Explorers

Dm me for any questions you may have.  The idea of this run is not for speed, time on feet, hills and a brilliant social experience is the aim. Plus a bit of runningπŸ˜‚.

Links in Bio to www.trailrunexplorers.com to sign up

Trail-Run Explorers

Cuckmere Haven Trail Run

What a beautiful day, running in an amazing location with some really lovely people.

It was a big group and I was supported by @sweaty_steps

We ran up hills, (hikedπŸ˜…) we ran downhills, across fields, through woods, through a pretty little place called Jevington, along coastal paths, also taking in some of the SDW.

We ran, we walked, we talked, we shared trail stories and made new friends.

What an absolutely cracking day and I am really pleased with the interest being shown and love being given to my new small business.  T-REx.

Thankyou for running with me.

A morning out with my daughter riding bikes around Bedgebury.

I love seeing my wonderful girl growing up and enjoying herself.

She is my biggest and most successful accomplishment in my life.

To say that Marrakesh provides a sensory overload is really an understatement. 

Crowded spaces, dogs, cats, food, dubious food offerings, donkeys loaded up, horses pulling carts alongside incredibly busy roads, mopeds that have priority in predominantly pedestrian spaces.

It's a lot to take in.
I really like Marrakesh, I'm not sure what draw it has for me πŸ˜‚
Sometimes it is nice to just chill.
Trail-Run Explorers
Lewes Three Peaks

Today's guided run by @trailrunexplorers was across the Lewes 3 Peaks.

What a fantastic day out this was. Beautiful views, great weather and lovely people to share time with.

Some were experienced ultra runners and others were new to distance and new to trails, all came with bags of enthusiasm.  Today we laughed and joked our way around.

I have had a great day and cannot wait until the next guided run in Cuckmere Haven in a few weeks time.

Today, I was fuelled by @luchos_uk πŸ˜‹

A lovely day out back marking for @runningadv on the Greensand Way 30 mile ultra.

Running with some lovely people who kept up a pretty rapid pace for most of the run.  I clocked just over an 8:30 mile  a third of the way in followed by just over 9 minute mile.

However, the elevation slowed everyone down a tad with some challenging hills and a leg burning steep one to finish the day off.

Good fun, laughs, a little bit of an opportunity to open the legs on some semi technical downhills.  No falling over today and the trademarked stupid grin was on my face all the way round.

Thanks @running_bucky

Also lovely to catch up with @sweaty_steps

Trail-Run Explorers local 5k run done this morning, now oat milk coffee, vegan pan au choc and @likethewindmag to enjoy.