What & Who is Trail-Run Explorers?


Trail-Run Explorers is all about getting people together outside to run, enjoy and explore the trails

T-REx is led by me, Perry Stock, a passionate trail runner who likes to run a little further. I am all about bringing the joys of trail running to as many people as possible.
I have run various trails and ultra marathon distances, some of which: include the London to Brighton 100k, The Leviathon 50 Miles, The Big Way Round 50K and multiple others.
Perry Stock
Perry Stock
In 2022 I will be running a number of ultras and trail runs across the UK including the first Brighton Trail Marathon, the infamous Salomon Ring of Steall Sky Race, supporting the Running Adventures team and of course developing the Trail-Run Explorer Guided Runs.
Trail-Run Explorers is a 'place' where runners over the age of 16, who really enjoy or want to enjoy getting out on the trails to explore, can do so, without having to worry about where they are going or how safe they are on their own.
There are frequent free running sessions that will suit most people, including beginners, sessions that suit improvers and sessions that will work on specific trail running skills.
There are paid events including guided runs, trail workshops and I am planning some fun events where we will capture through the lens the fun you have whilst out on the trails.
Check out the Trail-Run Explorers Facebook site, the Instagram Feed, The Runtogether Event and also the Paid Events Sections of this website.

Trail-Run Explorers